Things I Bought & Liked (September/October 2020)

Things I Bought & Liked (September/October 2020)

One of the things that kiiiiilllllssss me about influencers is that they’re always pushing products on you – many of which they’ve gotten for free or haven’t even tried at all. It’s so easy to say that the $300 beauty device you got as a gift from a brand is a “must-have” when you haven’t spent your own money on it.

That’s why I’m starting this series, inspired by @things.i.bought.and.liked. These are my top hits for each month that I actually spent my cold hard cash on that I actually loved, so that you don’t have to dig through tons of reviews to find out where the good stuff is.

My Favorite Things From This Month

The Stupidly Genius Baby High Chair Placemat: Have you ever come across an item that’s such a “DUH!!!!!” product that you wish you invented yourself? The Busy Baby Mat is just that. It’s a silicone placemat that suctions to surfaces (think high chair, tables, etc.) and has tethers that you can attach toys to for baby to play with – not only does this keep AJG occupied while I make myself breakfast or unload the dishwasher, but because they’re attached to the mat, there’s no tossing toys on the floor and having to bend over every minute to grab them. Yep. Genius.

The Coziest Moccasins: Were Minnetonka moccasins a “thing” when you were younger? They were for me, and since I’m strictly into clothing and accessories that are stretchy, fuzzy, soft and cozy, moccasins suddenly infiltrated my 2020 brain. Since I wanted something that had more of a slipper vibe (but could be worn outside on the rare occasion I leave my house in 2020) – these fit the bill. I get so many compliments (from members of my immediate family because, who else?) and coming in at $34, there’s nothing like a cheap-ish thrill.

The $7 Grocery Store Face Oil That I Want To Bathe In: Listen, no one should sleep on Trader Joe’s beauty section, but I often do. I don’t necessarily mean to, but I’m usually too busy fawning over taco seasoning or fig jam to care about rose facial spray or whatever it is that people are so cult-y about. But this. Marula oil. Some brands are charging $50-$100 for a vial of this (and yes, I’m guilty of falling prey to those price tags) but Trader Joe’s marula oil is $7, so I just had to try. And let me tell ya – it did not disappoint. I’ve been slathering my face in it every day and night and my skin is baby soft.

The Resurfacing Peel That Solved My Maskne: Full transparency – I did not pay for this one with my own money, but I am re-purchasing it for myself now that I’ve tried it. For the past few months, I’ve had crazy dry, flaky but also broken out skin around my nose and upper lip (fun and sexy!). I had decided this situation was maskne adjacent, but nothing in my (extensive) arsenal was doing the trick to solve it. I decided to take this peel from Glo Skin Beauty for a spin and ho-ly shit. As someone who hasn’t gotten a facial in over a year, I can tell you that after using this, my skin felt ex-actly like it does post-facial. All of the flaking was immediately gone (and hasn’t returned), and while I still have a bit of inflammation from time to time, it’s nothing that my usual routine doesn’t help take down. I am officially obsessed.

The Banana Teether: No, this isn’t a sex toy, if you can believe it. It’s a practice toothbrush thing???? that works as a teether and my 6-month-old is obsessed with it. That’s it.

What are your favorite purchases from September & October?

You can always shop my favorites here – I update these nonstop in case waiting for a monthly round up isn’t your style. 


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