Things I Bought & Liked (July 2020)

Things I Bought & Liked (July 2020)

One of the things that kiiiiilllllssss me about influencers is that they’re always pushing products on you – many of which they’ve gotten for free or haven’t even tried at all. It’s so easy to say that the $300 beauty device you got as a gift from a brand is a “must-have” when you haven’t spent your own money on it.

That’s why I’m starting this series, inspired by @things.i.bought.and.liked. These are my top hits for each month that I actually spent my cold hard cash on that I actually loved, so that you don’t have to dig through tons of reviews to find out where the good stuff is.

A Few of My Favorite Things From This Month

The $14 Bike Shorts That I Can’t Stop Talking About: These are the comfiest biker shorts I own – so comfy (and cheap) that I bought five pairs of them. The material is soft and similar to the Lululemon Aligns. While I do workout in these, they’re more suited for lounging or running errands in. My one complaint is that I wish the waistband was thicker to suck things in a bit more.

The Juicer I’m Using Every Morning: I’ve been craving green juice lately – but the last thing I wanted was another bulky appliance on my counter. This juicer was the perfect solution. It’s so easy to use, easy to clean (everything goes into the dishwasher) and doesn’t take up a crazy amount of space. I’ve been using it every single morning (check out my HEALTH highlight for recipes). 

The Charm Necklace That Looks Like an Heirloom: Since my 2020 vibe is Camp Counselor Chic, I’ve been eyeing all of the things of my childhood: Charm bracelets/necklaces, tie dye, and anything beaded. This charm necklace from Hart Hagerty (or this one from Brinker & Eliza) paired with my Elise Paige charm pendant gives me all of the summer camp feels.

This Miracle De-Bloating Supplement: I’m someone who gets bloated just looking at a carb the wrong way – it’s just how my body is. When my friend Siffat launched Arrae, I was pregnant and couldn’t test any new supplements but now that I’m able to, I finally got to test drive the Bloat supplement. After a day of eating like crap (replacing lunch with packaged snacks followed by a pasta dinner), I popped three Arrae Bloat pills and woke up feeling light. And it makes sense – the six ingredients in each pill (including ginger root and peppermint) are all known to be great for your digestive system.

These Baby Nail Scissors That Helped Me Finally Conquer My Fear of Cutting AJG’s Nails: Everything I read about nails leading up to having AJG suggested filing over cutting their tiny nails. Let me just tell you – filing sucks. It takes forever, and you’re constantly re-filing because you can never get them short enough. But I was so scared to cut them, even as I noticed scratch marks on my babe’s face. My pediatrician recommended nail scissors instead – and because of how easy they are, I’ve finally conquered my fear of slicing a finger. I use these scissors while he’s in the bath so that the nail is soft (and since he’s super chill during bath time). They’re impossible to screw up and AJG is finally waking up without scratches on his face.

What are your favorite purchases from July? You can always shop my favorites here – I update these nonstop in case waiting for a monthly round up isn’t your style. 


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