4 Things To Do Today For Better Skin Tomorrow

4 Things To Do Today For Better Skin Tomorrow

The truth about skincare is that whatever routine you’re currently doing, no matter how minimal or extra, it takes time and consistency to see a major difference, and changes don’t usually happen overnight. I get so many questions from friends asking about what products to use, or asking if a buzzy new product will instantly change their life like the influencer who is posting about it claims it will.

While I’m all about a good routine and efficacious products, let’s talk about the small things you can do like, right now, that don’t require a trip to Sephora or complete overhaul of every product you own, that will give you better skin this week.

Change The Sheets

The fastest change you can make to see change in your skin? Changing your pillowcase. Your pillowcase can build up oils, dirt, and sweat from your face and hair when you’re sleeping on it each night – and that’s being conservative. Are you someone who goes to bed with your hair wet? The moisture is probably harboring bacteria. Do you not always take your makeup off before you go to sleep? That full face that just faced the day is adding to the exciting party of bacteria. And even if you don’t wear makeup each day, your face just braved your everyday activities – you should be cleansing in some way, shape or form.

If you’re noticing a breakout on one side of your face, your pillowcase could be the culprit, especially if it’s the side you sleep on.

In an ideal world, we’d all be swapping our pillowcases out for a fresh one once every two days. Doesn’t seem possible? Try for every 3-5 days – just don’t let it sit for two weeks unwashed like some of us, (ahem… it’s me, I’m the some of us), have definitely been guilty of in the past.

Switch Up When You Apply Your PM Skincare

If you’re applying your skincare routine (whether that’s just moisturizer or layering on a full 10-step routine) right before you head to bed, you may not be giving it enough time to absorb. By hitting the pillow immediately, you may end up moisturizing your pillowcase just as much as your skin.

Apply your skincare earlier in the evening, giving it 1-2 hours to absorb, before heading to sleep. If you’re like me and lay in bed for an hour watching TV before bed, that’s a great time to let your skincare absorb – as long as you’re sitting upright or flat on your back, not laying on your side.

Actually Use Your Products

Have a face mask that you’ve been saving for a special occasion that never seems to arrive? Or an expensive moisturizer that you only use once a month for fear of running out? Dig in. Not only do beauty products expire, but what’s the point of waiting?

Have a spa night (psst – this is also a great way to take care of yourself while you #StayTheFuckHome) and incorporate the treatments and products you already own – the more consistent you are with any product in your routine (according to its usage instructions), the more rapidly you’ll see results.

Give Yourself a Facial Massage

I recently almost splurged on an at-home microcurrent facial massager for $300, I stopped myself when I realized I have 10 free tools at my fingertips (literally).

Benefits of Facial Massage Include:

💛 Relaxes facial muscles and relieves tension

💛 Increases circulation (producing more collagen and elastin)

💛 Stimulates the lymphatic system

💛 Plumps skin

💛 Lifts the face

💛 Helps products absorb

Slap on some face oil so that you’re not tugging at your skin and get to work. For a quick tutorial on how to give yourself a facial massage, watch below:

Let me know if you try any of these tips and the results you see! I personally didn’t sleep last night so I’m about to dive into a facial massage to combat my puffiness in 3… 2… 1.


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