The Best Black Leggings For Every Occasion, at Every Price

The Best Black Leggings For Every Occasion, at Every Price

I live in leggings. Pre-pregnancy, I worked out most days of the week and would run all of my weekend errands in athleisure. Now that I’m pregnant, I live in leggings because nothing else fits me right now (side note: forever grateful for Rent The Runway).

Because I’m a black legging collector, I’m breaking down the best picks for every occasion, and at every budget so you don’t have to waste time (and money) like I have in finding the best.


The Best Everyday Legging

For an everyday legging you can wear anywhere, I’m big on SPANX Look At Me Now Crop Seamless Leggings. I wear them with everything, from bodysuits to oversized tees and sweaters. They are thick enough that you can’t see through them, suck you in, never roll, don’t pill and never get saggy.

I usually wear a size small and have been able to wear them through six months of pregnancy – they are stretchy enough to get over the bump just enough and bounce back to their normal size the minute I take them off.  I’ve had my original pair for 3+ years and they fit exactly how I bought them.

The Best Bargain Legging

Do NOT sleep on these $23 leggings from Amazon. I have about 5 pairs of these (shoutout to @christineleeee who put me on these) and they’re my go to workout leggings. They’re buttery soft but somehow still hold you in and never stretch out. They’re super flattering and totally squat-proof. While these aren’t necessarily work appropriate, they’re perfect for the gym and weekend errands. I find them to be dupes for the Lululemon Aligns but with even more support.

Plus, they come with pockets and in a million patterns.

The Best Workout Leggings

Besides living in these at the gym (they’re truly my go-to, especially for under $25), I’ve been obsessed with the Elation 7/8 Tight from Athleta. They’re beyond soft, but also keep things tight, ya know? They’re perfect for working out or for casual weekends – and I’ve been able to use them while Baby G is on board without having to buy a larger size. Actually, I’m wearing them as I write this.

I also love Gap’s compression leggings. Since they’re always having some sort of sale, I’ve never paid full price for them. They don’t fit as well now that I’m pregnant, but I lived in these pre-Baby G and will def go back to them once he’s here.

The Best Maternity Leggings

I’ve been very anti-maternity clothing because I think all of the styles are kind of lame, and I hate the thought of buying something that only lasts a few months. I bought a pair of Blanqi Leggings and hated them despite the hype, so I immediately looked for solutions that would be wearable while I was pregnant, but also when I get back to a regular size.

So far, going up one size in SPANX and Heather Thomson’s leggings (for me, that’s a medium) has worked out – but by far the most comfortable leggings have been these from Lululemon. Don’t get me wrong – they are not cheap – but they’re soft, stretchy and don’t lose their shape no matter how many times I’ve worn them (and I am large right now). Don’t believe me? Read this.

The Best (and Cheapest) Leggings For Weekends on the Couch

I discovered these Aerie leggings while researching non-maternity leggings that I could wear while I was pregnant and beyond. While they aren’t great for the gym (I find that they slip during a true workout because of how much stretch they have), I love to throw them on around the house. They’re soft, stretchy and cozy, and perfect for lounging. They also don’t have any weird seams or pockets and have a little bit of shine, so you could get away with wearing them with a sweater and they’ll look a bit more elevated than a cotton legging.

The Best Leather (and Vinyl) Leggings

While everyone is obsessed with these from SPANX (which I have), they don’t truly look like leather. I love them for a big sweater moment, but they mimic a coated legging more than actual leather, which is totally fine – just not the look I’m always going for.

When it comes to leggings that actually look like leather, I’m all about these from Commando. I have them in black, white and python print and they truly mimic the look of leather while still being as comfortable as a true legging. I live in them during the fall and winter with everything from t-shirts and blazers to sweaters to bodysuits.

For a vinyl legging, I am obsessed with these from Blank Denim. I bought them 2+ years ago, and they’ve lasted dozens of wears. Plus, they stretch over the growing bump (and snap back into their usual size right after I take them off).

Are you as addicted to leggings as I am? I really need to purge a few of my pairs. Tell me your favorite brand of leggings in the comments so I can test them out.



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