Hidden Gems for Jewelry Shopping

Hidden Gems for Jewelry Shopping

Okay, let’s stop talking babies for just a second. I swear there’s more to me than just being pregnant – I also love to shop, but I also don’t love spending more than I have to on anything. I’m all about embracing a trend that speaks to me, like rainbow jewels, but there’s just no way that I can justify spending thousands of dollars on a rainbow bangle and pretend that my grandkids will inherit it someday and it’ll remain absolutely timeless.

Wouldn’t you rather your grandkids inherit a few extra dollars instead of a gold plated “Mrs. G” necklace, anyway? Thought so.

And honestly – nothing makes me madder than when an influencer is wearing a cute, fun outfit or piece of jewelry that I love, with a swipe up for a cool $800. I mean, yawn. Where’s the fun in that?

So I’ve had to get creative in achieving the looks that I want for waaaay less, especially when it comes to jewels. Here are my favorite places to shop jewelry without having to wait for a special occasion or empty out my bank account.

Elise Paige Jewelry

You know those customizable slider bangles Stephanie Gottlieb is always peddling? I love how they look but can’t see myself wearing them for life – can you? And for something that starts at $4,000, I better be wearing it to the grave.

Enter Elise Paige Jewelry – she has slider bangles and slider pendants, which start at $65. And they are totally customizable with letters, numbers and symbols. I’m obsessed with my bracelet, which has our wedding anniversary date, and am already plotting one for each future child.

These are also such a great unique gift for engagements, bridal showers, new moms, or any occasion that you want to commemorate and build a stack out of.  And, because I’m obsessed, I reached out to the brand to hook you up with a coupon: Use code MG15 at checkout for 15% off.

Adina’s Jewels

If you love yourself a good Instagram jewelry trend like chain chokers, colorful eternity rings or mismatched dainty earrings, Adina’s Jewels is your spot. Or even if you want a fake (but real looking) engagement ring to discourage men from approaching you at the bar – Adina’s has it. I’m a major fan of the Rainbow Ring – which everyone assumes is real, but like, c’mon, do you know me?


Well I couldn’t make a list of go-to jewelry destinations without including BaubleBar. Say what you want, but they know how to knock off a trend. I love their acrylic block monogram necklace, which puts a fun spin on the standard monogram necklace.  

BaubleBar is also another go-to spot for gifts, especially for small trinkets for the holidays. I love that they have reward points for each purchase and there’s always a sale happening.


Okay, hear me out: There’s nothing like a good Amazon jewelry find. While you may have to get a bit more specific in your search, because a lot of the top results look like he went to Jared, there are tons of treasures.

Some of my favorite finds? This Roxanne Assoulin-inspired beaded bracelet, this oversized initial necklace, a party pack of acrylic hoops, a fun charm bracelet, and this rainbow tennis bracelet.


I am absolutely obsessed with Shashi jewelry. All of their jewelry is either on-trend or basic with a twist (which we love) and affordable. You can shop on their site or ShopBop, and they even have some pieces on Amazon. The best selection, though, is their own site.

Ryan Porter

Another great and inexpensive stop for a customized moment. I love that Ryan Porter is a spin on the bracelets we made at camp as a kid, but without the crazy price tag associated with some other art class-inspired jewelry trends that are happening (cough cough Carolina Bucci’s beaded bracelets). You can get inspirational with your custom text, or get super camp-y with it and make BFF bracelets for you and your friends. And the amazing team at Ryan Porter really hooked it up: Use code GLOSSY at checkout for 30% off of your purchase.

Where are your favorite places to shop for jewelry that don’t break the bank? Tell me all of your secrets in the comments.


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