Pantry Must-Haves for Easy Weeknight Dinners

I love to cook, but I’m also lazy AF. With an hour commute home each night after a long ass day, the last thing I want to do is come home and first start thinking about what we’re having for dinner or spend an hour cooking.

While I could order in each night, it truly just doesn’t do it for me and I get sick of it quickly - the portion sizes are huge (as a member of the Clean The Place Club since 1991, this is dangerous!) and it’s an expensive habit that adds up quick.

That’s why I’ve honed in on the perfect pantry and shopping list to make weeknight meals seamless. I always keep the below in our house so that all I need to do is add ingredients into a pan or my air fryer for a full meal in 30 minutes or less.

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The Best Black Leggings For Every Occasion, at Every Price

I live in leggings. Pre-pregnancy, I worked out most days of the week and would run all of my weekend errands in athleisure. Now that I’m pregnant, I live in leggings because nothing else fits me right now (side note: forever grateful for Rent The Runway).

Because I’m a black legging collector, I’m breaking down the best picks for every occasion, and at every budget so you don’t have to waste time (and money) like I have in finding the best.

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I Never Wash My Face… Here’s Why

I don’t know who needs to hear this but… you’re washing your face too much.

As someone who hasn’t washed their face with any sort of soap consistently since 2014, I can tell you that the face wash of your teenage years (orange Neutrogena Face Wash anyone?) or using face wipes each night is probably doing more harm than good to your skin.

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Hidden Gems for Jewelry Shopping

Okay, let’s stop talking babies for just a second. I swear there’s more to me than just being pregnant - I also love to shop, but I also don’t love spending more than I have to on anything. I’m all about embracing a trend that speaks to me, like rainbow jewels, but there’s just no way that I can justify spending thousands of dollars on a rainbow bangle and pretend that my grandkids will inherit it someday and it’ll remain absolutely timeless.

Wouldn’t you rather your grandkids inherit a few extra dollars instead of a gold plated “Mrs. G” necklace, anyway? Thought so.

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My 2019 Beauty Obsessions

Because I work in the beauty industry, it physically pains me to place a Sephora order, but there are certain things that I will shell out my own cold hard cash for, even if it bankrupts me. Here are my top can’t-live-without-will-spend-all-of-the-money-on must-haves in my beauty routine.

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My Mostly Glossy First Trimester

So, I’m pregnant. And like I said, it’s crazy, weird, wild and surreal. Can you imagine that this is like, the evolutionary point of having s-e-x? It’s nuts. To be totally upfront, getting pregnant was *knock on wood* not super difficult for me but I’ll get to that another time. For now, I want to dive into the nitty gritty of my first trimester.


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Does The World Really Need Another Blog?

Let’s start with the fact that… I’m pregnant! And can I tell you, being pregnant is so f’ing weird. I’m one of the first of my friends to get pregnant and since I’m the oldest child in my family, I truly did not know what to expect on all fronts (still don’t!). But let me tell you - it’s weird, it’s wild and apparently it’s filled with lots of dumplings. Baby G (who is a boy!) is coming May 2020.

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